What we do

General IT Support Services

Is your IT system giving you nightmares? Is the network slow and it feels that your PC takes forever to start up? Our team of qualified technicians is capable to solve all your technical issues… From General IT , printing, networking and even internet related problems.

We don’t see IT issues as problems, but more like challenges!

Computer Maintenance & Repair

To run any business effectively, you have to ensure that all systems, tools and equipment is maintained and serviced regularly. PC’s aren’t any different.

We will ensure that your Servers and Workstations are kept up to date and running at peak performance.

Most of the basic day to day problems can be solved via Remote Access and/or Teamviewer, but if a challenge does require a bit more TLC, we will gladly come out to your premises. 

Network Installations and Maintenance

Have you ever heard the saying “Any chain is as strong as the weakest link”? Well this is networking in a nutshell!

We take the whole network into account during setup. We can ensure that your network communication is up to “Speed”.

By utilizing Gigabit technology and implementing the right equipment, you can share information, collaberate and browse at lightning speed.

Data Backup Solutions

We are frequently asked, “How often should I backup my data?” Well, the answer is easy… “How much work do you want to do over and can you afford to lose any data?”

Backing up you data on a daily basis is the way to go…

We have dedicated servers in place to ensure your data is always securely backed up. We make use of 256 bit encryption to ensure your data that we store is always safe and useless to anyone else.

We have different packages available to suite all your needs and your budget as well…

Rental Financing for IT Solutions

Is your IT infrastructure old and outdated? No capital to spend on new equipment?

Well what if I told you that you can also have brand new equipment at an affordable monthly installment. Grow your IT system as your business grows and stay ahead of your competition.

We can assist you to ensure that your complete IT System is not only up to date with the Lastest and Greatest Technology, but we will maintain it as well for 1 low monthly cost.

We can facilitate everything from Hardware aquisition, implementation & maintenence all in one.

Speak to us today to find out how you can grow your business.

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